When Should I Change The Oil In My Toyota?

Wondering what synthetic oil means for your oil change intervals? Let's see if we can bring some light to this less-talked about topic:

If Your Toyota Vehicle Requires 0w-20 Synthetic Oil, You've Been Approved for Extended Oil Change Intervals:

All Toyota vehicles which require the use of 0w-20 type synthetic oil, with the exception of vehicles that use the 3UR-FBE Engines*, are now approved for oil change intervals up to 10,000-miles/12-months. That's right, a whole year on one oil change! It's still strongly recommended that you continue to check your oil levels during this time, and if needed, be sure to top up. This new recommendation doesn't change the 5,000-mile service interval. That's still required, and it applies to things like tire rotations, fluid checks, and more. Speak to a service tech for more detailed information about what a 5,000-Mile Service Check entails.

If your Toyota uses 0w-20, 5w-20 mineral oil, or 5w-30, the standard 5,000-mile/6-month oil change interval will still be required.

Exceptions to the Rule:

The exception to the above-mentioned rule is if your vehicle meets the definition for "Special Operating Conditions." These include: off-road driving, driving on dirt roads, trailer towing, repeated short trips under 32° F, or prolonged idling. If this is the case for you, even if your vehicle uses the 0w-20 synthetic oil, you'll still have to stick to a 5,000-mile oil change interval, during which engine oil must be replaced, no matter what type of oil you use.

*The 3UR-FBE engine in the Flex Fuel Tundra / Sequoia; a 5,000-mile/6-month oil change interval remains the standard requirement for these engines. Additionally, the Flex Fuel 3UR-FBE engine, when operated on E85, has an even stricter oil change interval: change every 2,500 miles.

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