Toyota Plans to Launch Toyota Research Institute Automated Vehicle Test Facility

As many drivers who follow the automotive industry likely know, the development for automated cars is already in motion. One automaker determined to make this type of transportation a reality is Toyota. Their goal is to create vehicles that are not only more convenient to drive but safer too. In order to achieve this goal, the company knows rigorous testing is necessary. That is why it recently announced that it would be opening a Toyota Research Institute Automated Vehicle Test Facility in Michigan this coming October.

A Closer Look at the Toyota Research Institute Automated Vehicle Test Facility

The Toyota Research Institute Automated Vehicle Test Facility will be created in Ottawa Lake on a 60-acre plot of land. Its purpose is to provide a space where engineers can test new innovations made by the Toyota Research Institute in a controlled setting. The track itself spans 1.75 miles and will feature urban settings, slick surfaces, and other obstacles based on real-world driving conditions. Put to the test in demanding scenarios otherwise too dangerous for public roadways, it is Toyota's hope to propel their automated ingenuity forward.

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