With Summer Almost Here, Take Care of Your Toyota Maintenance Now, Then Get Ready to Greet the Sun

Regular service and maintenance is important year round, but the coming of the warmest months mean your vehicle deserves a little special, extra attention. If you’re ready to take on the summer with a clean bill of health for your Toyota, schedule an appointment with our service center and let us handle the hard stuff!



Pre-Summer Toyota Maintenance Checklist:

In addition to keeping current with your factory recommended maintenance schedule, the turn of the seasons is an important time to take a look at certain aspects of vehicle maintenance in particular:

  • Tire Pressure Check: Pressure changes with the temperature, and warmer temps mean rising pressures (about one or two PSI (pounds per square inch) for every 10° F rise outside. If you don’t have your own tire pressure monitor, let our professional service techs take care of this for you during a multi-point general vehicle inspection.
  • Tire Check: Winter driving can be a doozey, especially on your tires. If you switch to winter tires, it’s time to have them swapped out for your performance, all-season, or summer tires, at which point our team can balance and/or rotate them for you as well. If you drive all-seasons year round, check your tire tread depth to ensure you still have enough coverage—if your tires are too worn, it might be time for new ones!
  • Oil & Oil Filter Change: Head into the summer fresh and clean with a new oil change, and if you need it, we can change your oil filter for you, too.
  • Fluid, Belts, & Hose Checks: In your engine, there are lots of little parts that contribute to the overall health. If your fluids—coolant, transmission, power steering, brake, and differential fluid—need to be topped up, that’s something we can check on and perform for you here; and in your engine, belts and hoses can crack or fray during the harsh climate of the winter, so we’ll check to make sure everything is in good health, replacing anything that needs it.

Ready to de-winterize your car and prepare for the long summer ahead? Go on and schedule an appointment with our service center and we’ll get you and your car ready to hit the road this summer for some good old fun in the sun.

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