Is Dealership Service More Expensive Than a Local Garage?



We’re not sure where this myth started, but it’s persistent and wide-spread. It holds that dealership service centers aren’t as affordable as an independent mechanic, but we’re confident when we say that myth is bunk, but you can see here how Toyota dealership service compares to an independent shop. You can check out our prices and other local garages, plus read about some of the non-monetary advantages to servicing your vehicle at Toyota Marin, like the fact that we use factory-certified replacement parts or the fact that our service center has access to proprietary information and the latest Toyota diagnostic equipment.

Of course, you’re always invited to compare us to the competition across some of the most popular service items, like oil and filter changes, and other minor services. You’ll also find that ours is the only garage that can promise you factory equipment and replacement parts, factory-trained technicians, and the ability to perform warranty work. Still think it’s better to get service with the other guys? Schedule an appointment with us and let us prove to you how good it can be when you service your Toyota vehicle with Toyota Marin.

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